Lake Lanier: Boaters beware

The Corps of Engineers issued a “heads up” Monday for boaters regarding the Two-Mile Creek Bridge.


‘Important Navigational Update for Two Mile Creek Bridge on Hwy 369 (Browns Bridge Road)

What’s New: The new Two Mile Creek Bridge is longer and relocated slightly upstream compared to the old one.

Changes Below: Removal of the adjacent peninsula from the old bridge has created about 150 feet of extra lake surface under the bridge’s west side.

Safe Navigation: At full pool (1071′ msl), this area remains navigable.

Low Water Alert: Watch out when lake levels drop! This area can become hazardous.

Safety Measures: We’ve installed a permanent hazard buoy with a night time solar light after initially marking the spot with temporary buoys. This buoy effectively warns of potential risks.

Recommended Action: For safer passage, use the bridge’s east side.

Stay safe and informed!”

(Corps of Engineers picture: Tw-Mile Creek bridge, approaches and surrounding water as it is today following changes outline above.)