‘I think I’m done, pretty much’

A longtime member of the Hall County state legislative delegation said Wednesday that if re-elected this year he will not seek another term.

” You know, I think I’m done, pretty much,” Emory Dunahoo (R-Gillsville) told 97.5 GLORY FM’s Mike Wofford during Community Focus. “So with this year coming up I’m doing one more term and then I’m done.”

Dunahoo said the reason is simple: “I’m missing a lot of (family) things, missing my grandkids play ball and grow up.”

Like so many who serve in the part-time legislature, Dunahoo said it’s more than just a three-month (length of each year’s legislative session) job. “Every day I’m somewhere meeting with someone. People think the session lasts three months (and that’s it, but) it’s a 40-hour work week. This is my 13th year coming up, so I think that’s long enough.”

COMING UP: More with Rep. Dunahoo in a special report this weekend on this website as we preview this year’s legislative session which begins Monday.)