Homeless man found dead in Oct. identified


“The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) has determined the identity of a man found dead
in a wooded area on Aviation Boulevard nearly eight weeks ago.
GBI agents used fingerprints to identify Scott Robert Danner, 63, a resident of Gainesville’s
homeless community. Danner’s body was located the morning of Saturday, Oct. 14, by a
customer who was walking around the parking area of the Department of Driver Services
(DDS), waiting for someone inside the building. The customer notified DDS employees who
made the call to 911.
Investigators with the Hall County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) are still awaiting results of the
final autopsy and toxicology exam before announcing the cause of death. At this time,
investigators do not suspect foul play in Mr. Danner’s death.
HCSO investigators are asking that any of Mr. Danner’s relatives contact us at 770-533-7813. While we typically do not release identities of deceased persons prior to next-of-kin
notification, our investigators have been unable to locate any of Mr. Danner’s relatives.”