Hall Co., Corps of Engineers finalize co-op agreement

Another partnership was finalized Monday as Tim Rainey, Corps of Engineers Project Manager at Lake Lanier, and Brent Holloway, Hall County’s Director of Parks and Community Services, co-signed the Partner Operations Plan. This collaboration opens a new chapter in maintaining and enhancing our parks and recreation areas for all our visitors, according to the Corps. (Corps photo. L-R: Rainey, Holloway)

The county commission signed-off on the plan late last month and you can read more about how the concept will work in this EARLIER STORY: Hall commissioners vote to begin co-op agreement on three federal parks (wgtjradio.com)

The first of the agreements was signed a few days ago with Dawson County Parks & Recreation.

The Corps announced plans for them in June. Challenge Cost Sharing Cooperative Management Agreement > Mobile District > Press Releases (army.mil)