Hall BOC passes resolution objecting to Buford annexation

Turning “talk” into “action,” the Hall County Board of Commissioners (BOC) voted Thursday to formally object to plans by the Buford City Commission (BCC) to annex the Buford Corn Maze property.

There had been much discussion among county officials in recent days about the issue.

The property is on Bennett Road near the Hall-Gwinnett County line. The Buford Commission is expected to vote on the issue next month.

The resolution adopted by the county commission, which is linked below, includes the kind of zoning Buford is requesting, what kind of zoning Buford is proposing if the annexation is approved, and Hall County’s reasoning for objecting to the annexation.

The county and Buford have gone head-to-head before when Buford has sought to annex property in that part of Hall County.

Click here to read the resolution on the matter which the Hall BOC adopted Thursday: Resolution_Objection_to_Bufords_Annex_of_Tax_Parc.pdf