Habersham landfill won’t accept certain items come March 1


“The Habersham County Commission hopes to extend the life of the county’s
landfill to 17 years by discontinuing the acceptance of certain materials.

Habersham County Solid Waste Director Johnnie Vickers told the commission
that the landfill’s construction and demolition (C&D) cell is nearing capacity,
and a study has shown that putting construction waste in the municipal solid
waste cell could cut the life of the landfill by a dozen years.

The last day of accepting C&D at the landfill will be Feb. 29, 2024.

Vickers told commissioners there are facilities in Habersham, Hall, and
Franklin counties that accept construction and demolition debris, the closest
being a few miles from the landfill near Mt. Airy.

“While we understand that this change may pose some challenges for some,
we are confident that it will contribute to a healthier and more sustainable
future for Habersham County,” Vickers said.

For questions about the upcoming change, contact the Habersham County
Landfill at (706) 839-0242.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Georgia News Network reports the Environmental Protection Agency estimates construction and demolition materials account for 145 million tons of debris put into the nation’s landfills each year.)

(Photo courtesy Habersham Co. PIO Rob Moore)