Hoschton couple arrested for child neglect; found passed out on Florida beach

A young Hoschton couple faces charges in Florida after passing out drunk on the beach while their young children wandered off.

Sheriff’s deputies in Daytona Beach responded to a call to find Timothy Stephens and his fiancée, Alyssia Langley, passed out on the beach surrounded by several empty beer cans and an empty bottle of Crown Royal.

Reports say it took several attempts to wake up the pair and neither of them knew where Langley’s 5- and 7-year-old children had gone. WSB-TV reports deputies found the kids swimming, unsupervised and unharmed, in the pool of the hotel they were staying in. Both adults face charges of child neglect.

Stephens was also charged with possession of alcohol on the beach and escape after he tried to run from deputies during the arrest. The children are with family members.  

(From Georgia News Network)

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(Picture from Daytona Beach sheriff’s deputy’s body cam.)