Gville Park & Rec celebrating 100 years


“We are celebrating 100 Years of Gainesville Parks and Recreation!

In 1924, at a time when “recreation” was a little-known word, the citizens of Gainesville had the vision and foresight to establish a parks and recreation system.

At that time, we were among only a handful in the country! Boston Common Park was established in 1634, by 1800 there were only 16 public parks.

By 1886 City Park was established in Gainesville, GA.

New York City established a recreation bureau in 1910 and just 14 years later Gainesville GA did the same.”

 The Gainesville Parks & Recreation Department now operates and maintains eight major facilities, 21 parks and over 547 or more acres of park land. It’s operating budget now totals more than five million dollars a year and 40% of it must be funded through fees and charges.

(Photo: 1921 Gainesville High football team at City Park.)