Gville organization getting $$$ for improving health literacy, support workforce development

 Aetna Better Health of Georgia, a CVS Health company, is providing $505,000 to 17 community-based organizations across the state, including Gainesville’s Foothills Area Health (Foothills AHEC | Home) to promote health literacy and economic development in Georgia.

The grants will help fund programs that provide access to a broad range of health services, as well as support workforce initiatives in the state, according to an Aetna news release.

“The first step in empowering thriving, healthy communities is addressing key pillars of health and prosperity,” said Sonya Nelson, division president at Aetna Medicaid. “Through these donations, we affirm our commitment to improving health literacy, supporting mental wellness, advancing economic opportunity and driving workforce development. By supporting these vital areas, we lay the foundation for a stronger, more prosperous future for the communities our company serves in Georgia.”

The donations will be used to fund programs that promote health literacy and increase access to health, mental health and social support services for at-risk and under-resourced populations.

You can read more about the program and see a list of all organizations receiving donations here: Aetna donates more than $500K to improve health literacy in Georgia (cvshealth.com)