Gville man arrested on armed robbery, theft, bribery charges


“Sully Berenger Eanes, 22, of Gainesville, Georgia has been arrested on multiple theft and robbery charges. Police arrested Eanes on December 13, 2023 during the course of a theft investigation. Eanes allegedly committed a number of entering autos, stole a vehicle and used victims financial banking information. Additionally, investigators have linked Eanes to December 4, 2023 armed robbery.

While in police custody, Eanes did attempt to bribe and officer to let him go by offering a payment of $15,000. Eanes is being held at the Hall County Jail. He is charged with felony bribery, felony financial transaction card theft (2 counts), felony armed robbery, and theft by taking (2 counts). Additional charges are pending.

We would encourage the public to use this as a reminder to lock your vehicles, take your keys and hide belongings. The majority of the entering auto cases we see involve vehicles that are left unlocked with items in plain view. Vehicles should never be left unattended with the keys inside.”