Guns, drugs, non-student found at one Hall school Thursday

Two guns, some illegal drugs, and a teenager who was not a student at the school were found on the campus of a Hall County school Thursday morning after school officials realized the student who drove the car to school appeared to be “under the influence of an illegal substance.”


“This morning at approximately 10:00AM, school officials at Lanier College and Career Academy, along with the school resource officer, walked out to the parking lot of the school to search the vehicle of a 16-year-old male student who was suspected of being under the influence of an illegal substance.

Upon arriving at the vehicle, officials found a 15-year-old male passenger inside the car. This individual was not a Hall County student.

The search of the vehicle produced two firearms and a bag of marijuana. Both juveniles were turned over to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office and they are investigating.

These actions are not taken lightly by the HCSD. They violate our student code of conduct and the district will act accordingly with disciplinary measures.”