GPD: Motel 6 site of alleged robbery, sex trafficking

 A 44-year-old man says he was robbed of $3,000 and his phone while sitting in a stairwell at the Gainesville Motel 6 over the weekend. A Gainesville Police report made available this week says this was reported about 3:00 Sunday morning.

“Subject advised he was sitting in the stairwell at 3:00 a.m. and an unknown black male pulled a gun on him and demanded his wallet and phone,” police spokesman Kevin Holbrook said in an email.

The total amount of the loss was placed at $4,120.

The other incident happened about two hours earlier. “Subject advised an unknown person tried to sell them a female,” Lt. Holbrook wrote. “No suspect info or further info available.”

The matter is being investigated as a case of “Procure for Prostitute Who Is a Minor.”