GPD: Two days, 100+ manhours spent on hoax kidnapping

While much of the community was focused on the plight of a missing 12-year-old girl, Gainesville Police say they just spent two days recently investigating what turned out they be a hoax kidnapping. Involving another 12-year-old girl.


“On June 7, 2024 at around 7:00 PM police responded to a residence on BuenaVista Circle in regard to a runaway juvenile. The caller advised that her 12-year-old sister had ran away from home about 20 minutes prior. The 12-year-old juvenile left a note behind, furthermore, detailing the runaway. A neighbor stated that they had just seen the juvenile walking down the road. Officers from Gainesville Police and the Hall County Sheriff’s Office began a search of the area.

While on scene, family members stated they had located the runaway juvenile on Atlanta Highway and returned her home. At this point the juvenile made claims that she was abducted from her home while in the garage. The juvenile alleges that while in her garage someone came up behind her, put their hand over her mouth and pulled her into a white 4 door passenger vehicle.

The juvenile stated the alleged abductor, a white male, wearing all black with a mask, drove her to a gas station and requested her to go in and buy glasses and a hat. She stated that he then drove to another store to buy more items, although the juvenile could not remember what those items were.

Police immediately began a canvas of the area, calling in additional resources, investigators and command staff. Additionally, police began working with the Hall County Sheriff’s Office to ensure information was shared and relayed in regards to a missing juvenile case they are working.

Police went door to door in the neighborhood and surrounding areas, looking for any video, evidence or information that would assist in the case. Additionally, a forensic interview of the child was completed at the Edmondson Telford Child Advocacy Center by trained staff.

Additional resources were used to conduct a canvas in the area of Atlanta Highway. Police began reviewing surveillance video and speaking with witnesses. During this canvas police found multiple videos of the juvenile, who did not appear to be in distress in the area.

Police worked throughout the night on the case and resumed early the next day. On-duty and off-duty personnel began a secondary canvas on Saturday, June 8th to follow up on the case.

After an exhaustive investigation, over 160-man hours spent in two days, investigators have not been able to find any evidence to corroborate the abduction claims. In fact, all the evidence tends to disprove the allegations.

Mental Health Clinicians for the Gainesville Police Department conducted a secondary interview of the child, they played a vital role in the case. The Mental Health team will continue to support this child and her family…”