GPAB agenda: Condos, data mining center, special event center

Plans for a condominium development, a data mining center, and a special event center are on the agenda for the March 12 meeting of the Gainesville Planning & Appeals Board (GPAB).

The condos would be located on Washington Street near its intersection with West Academy. Raven Residential Group is asking for a front yard setback variance for the tract as well as a special use permit. The property is zone Neighborhood Business (N-B).

HadjPadj Technologies, LLC is asking for a special use on a 1.3-acre tract on the south side of Palmour Drive, west of its intersection with Queen City Parkway. That’s where the data mining facility is planned. (What is a data mining facility? Click here to find out: What Is Data Mining? How It Works, Benefits, Techniques, and Examples (

The special event center is planned on 2.8 acres at the end of Hospital Drive off Atlanta Highway. Mayra Valentin is seeking a special use permit.