GFD has new education trick ‘up its sleeve’

The agency’s “fire safety inflatable” is designed to give users hands-on fire safety training.


“The Gainesville Fire Department (GFD) has been making a large push in the realm of public education, especially for the City of Gainesville, Georgia’s youth. To help continue these efforts, GFD has acquired a “fire safety inflatable,” which will aid the agency in the delivery of important fire safety education benefitting children and adults alike.

The new inflatable simulates a residential home with three bedrooms, kitchen, living room with fireplace and a window. The “home” becomes a hands-on education tool when it fills with manufactured smoke, ultimately requiring participants to make choices based on their fire safety knowledge to escape the home safely.

“The purpose of the new addition is to make public education more accessible with a deeper impact in the realm of fire prevention education,” said Gainesville Fire Chief Brandon Ellis.

Gainesville Fire Marshal Chad Payne expressed a desire to reach and educate as many businesses and households as possible.

“With our city growing, we want to meet that growth with effective educational opportunities to ensure the safety of the community,” Payne said.

Ellis referenced the growing education and healthcare systems within Gainesville.

“When I approached City leadership with the desire to expand GFD’s outreach, they didn’t hesitate to help us secure the resources we needed,” he said. “This addition will allow us to strengthen the educational experience for every demographic within Gainesville.”

If interested in acquiring fire prevention education, please contact GFD headquarters at 770-534-3612.”