GCSS: About that solar eclipse…

Words of caution this weekend about the coming total eclipse of the sun from the Gainesville City School System (GCSS) – and some advice about eclipse glasses from the American Astronomical Society.


“On Monday, April 8, 2024 a solar eclipse will pass over North America. In Gainesville we will not be in the path of the total solar eclipse (but the sun will be 80-85 percent blotted out.)

Monday, April 8th is our first day back from spring break and will be a normal school day for our district.

Please help us emphasize the importance of not looking directly at the sun without wearing protective glasses. Regular sunglasses, tinted windows, or looking out of a regular car or bus window do not provide adequate protection and can cause eye damage.

And about those eclipse glasses:

Georgia News Network reports that experts are warning about fake glasses. The American Astronomical Society is reminding stargazers to wear approved eclipse glasses to watch the event, and to make sure they aren’t counterfeit.

Real eclipse glasses are specially made to block almost all visible light, and the Society warns the market is full of cheap knockoffs that could cause blindness. On April 8th, the moon will pass between Earth and the sun, blocking much of its light for a few minutes.

The society provided a list of reputable makers of eclipse eye protection, for the roughly 32 million Americans who will be able to see the total solar eclipse where they live.  Click here and scroll down to North American Large Retail Chains: Suppliers of Safe Solar Viewers & Filters | Solar Eclipse Across America (aas.org)