GCFC: Clark outspent winner Echols in State Senate race

As the things settle down following last Tuesday’s primary elections in Georgia, we’ve been examining how much was contributed to the two candidates in the most heated and closet of the races in Hall County – that for State Senator between Josh Clark (pictured) and Drew Echols.

People living in the 39th Senate District received almost daily reminders in the mail from both candidates asking for their support – and attacking their opponent.

So, what about the money involved in all this?

Echols, who came out on top with 52.8 percent of the vote received contributions totaling $292,525 – while spending $44,677. Clark, his sole opponent in the Republican Primary, took in $171,475 and in out-spending Echols used up $56,966 of that amount.

These numbers are from the Georgia Campaign Finance Commission (GCFC) and are for the latest filings and are likely to change when the final reports are filed. Georgia Campaign Finance System (ga.gov)