Self-checkout getting a 2nd look; Wind Chill Advisory extended; Gainesville attorney disbarred

*Hate self-checkout? Well, check this out: Retails stores across the country are reversing course on self-checkout machines. Georgia News Network reports stores are saying they’re a disaster for consumers and retailers alike, with the biggest problem being theft. Shoppers are reportedly 21 times more likely to sneak items past machines than human cashiers, and it’s also easy for consumers to steal unintentionally. Target, Walmart and Dollar General are all pulling back from efforts to introduce more self-checkouts.  

*The Wind Chill Advisory that was in place overnight Friday for Hall County and most of northeast and northwest Georgia has been extended from 7:00 Saturday night until 10:00 Sunday morning for readings between -5 and +5. At 8:00 Saturday morning, wind chill readings around north Georgia included +4 in Gainesville, +9 in Atlanta, +4 in Athens, and zero in Blairsville. Peachtree City, GA (

*Gainesville attorney R. Dale Perry, a member of the bar since 1981, was disbarred this week by the Georgia Supreme Court. The action was taken because Perry was found to have “abandoned” his clients in three divorce cases. The court’s order can be found here: s24y0071.pdf (