FRIDAY POLICE BLOTTER: Mailboxes & Pine Straw

*Remember, your mailbox is for mail only. The Hall County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) reports one woman found that out the hard way. Seems she put her rent check in her mailbox for her landlord to pick up. But the mail carrier got it instead. “The check, which was determined to have been altered, was deposited into an account other than that of the landlord,” the sheriff’s office’s B.J. Williams said. “No suspects in the theft at this time.” Mailbox access restricted to postage paid U.S. Mail (

*Pine straw scam. “Three subjects showed up at the home on Hub Head Road, telling the 68-year-old woman they had extra pine straw from another job that they would sell to her and install at the home,” Williams said. “She thought they were going to do the work for $150, but they presented her with a bill for $3,200. She and her husband called law enforcement after they paid the three suspects $772.”