Forsyth officials, others meet with Indian business leaders

Forsyth County commissioners were among a group of Georgia officials who met recently in Atlanta with a group of business leaders from Coimbatore, India, courting more Indian business investment in Georgia.

The AJC also reports that Congressman Rich McCormick (pictured), who now represents Lumpkin and a portion of Hall County, was also in on the discussions.

“There’s not a more important country that we need to be strongly partnered with,” the paper quotes McCormick, (R-Suwanee), as saying. “I think we should be strong allies going forward because we have a shared interest, we have a similar Constitution, a similar outlook on the world, and we want to make sure that together we can, both the oldest democracy and the largest democracy, work together for our best interests in the future.”

Already the Georgia Chamber of Commerce is talking about organizing a trade mission from Georgia to Coimbatore.