Emergency ‘elf surgery’ at NGMC Gainesville

Nora Whisnant, RN, and Dr. Valeria Boazman, OB-GYN at Northeast Georgia Physicians Group, might have saved Christmas for one family in the most unexpected way — by performing emergency ELF surgery!

Nora was caring for a newly delivered mom at NGMC Braselton, when she discovered her patient was visibly upset after talking with her eight year-old son. Her son had called devastated after discovering their family dog had torn apart the family’s Elf on the Shelf and was worried that Santa wouldn’t come to visit!

Seeing the patient upset and unable to be there to comfort her son, Nora told the mom that her family could bring the injured elf to the hospital for emergency surgery!

In no time, the patient’s husband brought the elf to Mother Baby, where Dr. Boazman rushed the elf to “surgery” (while the patient had a new Elf on the Shelf overnighted to the family home) — and saved him!

Nora prepared after care instructions for the elf and sent him home to recover with the family just in time for Christmas!