Democrats attempt to put 9th Dist. Cong. Andrew Clyde into a district with another GOP congressman

Democrats on the state House reapportionment committee Wednesday failed in an attempt to cut the Republican majority in Georgia’s congressional delegation to an 8-6 margin. They sought to do that by forcing the 9th District’s Andrew Clyde (R-Jackson County) to run against either Rep. Rich McCormick or Rep. Mac Collins, both also Republicans.

But the GOP-controlled committee quickly shot down that proposal and passed a redistricting map that doesn’t change the 9-5 Republican majority in the state’s current congressional delegation although it does make some changes in Clyde’s district. That map, already approved by the state Senate, is ‘expected ‘s to be voted on by the full House on Thursday where it’s almost assured passage. Thursday will likely to be the last day of this special legislative session ordered by a federal judge to create state House and Senate and congressional maps more favorable to Blacks.

But Democrats say that what emerges from the session will not do that. And opponents of the redistricting plans are already promising to fight them in court.