Deal reads to local students

Former Gov. Nathan Deal and some of his friends and relatives spent a few hours in Hall County Thursday reading to students at two elementary schools.


“Today (Thursday) would have been Former First Lady and Hall County Native Sandra Dunagan Deal’s 82nd birthday. To honor her memory, former Governor Nathan Deal, family, and friends visited both Riverbend and White Sulphur Elementary Schools to read to students and celebrate the joy of learning. Both schools will merge next year and become Sandra Dunagan Deal Elementary School.

Ms. Deal was a staunch advocate for childhood literacy. During her tenure as First Lady, she traveled to every school district in the state of Georgia, reading to thousands of students and creating many fond memories. Her legacy continues through her family, friends, and the countless lives she influenced as First Lady and an educator.

“We are just so blessed and honored to have the former Governor, his family, and his close friends visit these two schools today,” said Superintendent Will Schofield. “Sandra’s legacy will endure in the lives of those she influenced with her advocacy, compassion, and love. She was an example to us all. I can’t help but think that the teacher in her must be smiling this morning as she watches the eyes of these students lighting during reading time.”

Many thanks to Governor Deal and his family and friends for allowing us to be a part of this celebration today.”