Clyde, Greene respond to State of Union speech

Disregarding a call from House Speaker Mike Johnson, a fellow Republican, to act respectfully, several GOP members of Congress Thursday night – led by northwest Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene – heckled President Biden during his State of the Union speech.

Greene, decked out in the red-and-white colors of Donald Trump’s MAGA campaign gear including a cap, pressed Biden on immigration, citing the death of a student on the UGA campus recently, allegedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant. Cries of “boo” and “liar” also peppered the speech. Such outbursts have become common during State of the Union addresses since a GOP member of Congress shouted “liar!” during one Barack Obama’s speeches.

As for 9th District Congressman Andrew Clyde, he took to X, formerly Twitter, to criticize the president on several fronts, including immigration.

“Joe Biden literally told illegal aliens to ‘surge the border in 2020. They did when he took office – and they never stopped. No American is falling for his pathetic attempt to pin his intentional illegal invasion on Republicans.”

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