CDC: Drowning deaths on the rise in U.S.

Drowning deaths are on the rise in the U.S., following decades of decline, according to a new CDC Vital Signs study. Over 4,500 people died due to drowning each year from 2020–2022, 500 more per year compared to 2019 and including 17 in Lake Lanier.

The Lake Lanier tally per year:

2020 – 7

2021 – 4

2022 – 6

Looking at outside the CDC report:

2019 – 8

2018 – 8

In addition, there were three years since 1999 in which double-digit deaths occurred:

2014 – 10

2011 – 10

1999 – 11

CDC experts looked at drowning deaths, self-reported swimming skills, participation in swimming lessons, and exposure to recreational water for this latest Vital Signs report. The report explores how increased access to basic swimming and water safety skills training can save lives.

The link to the full report is in the first paragraph.