Carjacking arrests, video of takedown

Gainesville Police arrested two armed suspects accused of carjacking and armed robbery just minutes after the crime early Thursday, police announced Friday.


“On February 29, 2024 at around 6AM, police arrested Abraham Santiago, 31, of Gainesville and Ana Maria Calderilla-Linares, 38, of Gainesville for attempting to steal a taxi at gunpoint.

The driver picked up Santiago and Calderilla-Linares at a local motel and drove them to the 1000 block of Dawsonville Highway where the crime occurred. Santiago allegedly pulled a gun on the driver, when the driver was able to flee on foot. Moments later police encountered the armed duo and arrested both.

During the arrest, Santiago resisted officers before being taken into custody. A stolen gun was found on Santiago’s ankle. Another stolen gun was located at the scene.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: You can view a video of the arrests here: Gainesville Police Department | Gainesville GA | Facebook Police say the video was edited for “posting purposes.”)