Camping reservations opening for 4 Hall campgrounds including 3 ‘new old’ ones


“…We are so excited to announce the opening of online camping reservations for River Forks Campground, and the three newest campgrounds in our system, Bolding Mill, Duckett Mill, and Old Federal campgrounds! As many of you know by now, Hall County Parks & Leisure has taken over the operations and maintenance of these USACE lakeside parks.

We’ve been busy sprucing up and restoring some of these sites, and we can’t wait to welcome you! Online reservations are easy, and can be made at

Reservations for each campground will open on staggered dates between January 1 – 3, to prevent system overload. Below are the online reservations opening dates for each campground:

  • River Forks at midnight on New Years Eve
  • Bolding Mill at noon on January 1
  • Duckett Mill at noon on January 2
  • Old Federal at noon on January 3…”