Barrow Co. man charged with helping run casino

 Gwinnett County Police have shut down an illegal casino operation and arrested a Duluth man and one from Barrow County on charges of running the operation. Eight other people were also arrested during the raid.


“On June 18, the Gwinnett County Police Department executed a search warrant at Sosa’s Billiards located at 6070 S. Norcross Tucker Road in unincorporated Norcross based on an investigation that began in 2023.

The investigation started when a patrol officer initiated a traffic stop in 2023 where the occupant of the vehicle stated he had just left a “casino” in the area.

Undercover officers assigned to our vice unit were able to visit the establishment and confirm the illegal gambling operation.

Steven Bae Kim (age 66, Duluth) was identified as the owner of the establishment and was charged with commercial gambling, keeping a place of gambling, and gambling. Seth Abernathy (age 40, Auburn) was identified as an employee and charged with commercial gambling.

Eight other individuals (whose names were not released) were arrested and charged with gambling. The search warrant also led to the seizure of drugs and money…”