UPDATE – 9:30 a.m.: GBI releases additional information. 11:00 p.m. Sunday update: Armed man killed in standoff with HCSO SWAT identified


The GBI is investigating an officer involved shooting in Hall County, Georgia. The Hall County Sheriff’s Office asked the GBI to conduct an independent investigation on November 11, 2023. One man was shot and died at the scene. No officers were injured.

Preliminary information indicates Hall County deputies were dispatched to a domestic dispute around 6:45 a.m., in the 6500 block of Samoa Way in Flowery Branch, Georgia. A 911 caller reported that she was assaulted by her husband during an apparent domestic dispute and that her husband refused to allow her to leave the home, prior to her eventually being able to escape to a neighbor’s home. Hall County deputies arrived on scene and spoke with the man inside the home.

The man was identified as David James Umpmreyville, age 57, of Flowery Branch, Georgia. Umpmreyville was belligerent towards the responding deputies, refused to come out of the house and would not follow the requests of the deputies on scene. Deputies requested the Hall County SWAT to respond to the home about two hours into the incident. SWAT team members secured the perimeter around the home and began negotiating with Umpmreyville, in an attempt to get him to come out of the house.

Umpmreyville came out of the house nude twice, once while holding a firearm. Umpmreyville began shooting his gun multiple times out of the back door and windows of the home. Umpmreyville was also making threats to shoot at law enforcement if they tried to come into the house. Umpmreyville pointed his firearm in the direction of a deputy on the perimeter of the home. The deputy fired at Umpmreyville, but it did not hit him. Umpmreyville went to a window in the home and pointed his firearm in the direction of deputies. A deputy fired at Umpmreyville, hitting and killing him. Umpmreyville was pronounced dead on scene.

The GBI will conduct an independent investigation. Once complete, the file will be given to the Hall County District Attorney’s Office for review.

This is the 89th officer involved shooting the GBI has been asked to investigate in 2023.”

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The GBI Sunday identified him as David James Umpmreyville, 57.



“A male suspect was shot and killed by Hall County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) SWAT officers after he
fired multiple rounds and pointed his weapon at them during a standoff in a Flowery Branch

The incident unfolded just before 6:45 a.m. Saturday, November 11, 2023, when a woman called
911 to report she had been assaulted in her residence in the 6500 block of Samoa Way. The initial
investigation indicated the suspect threw the victim down a flight of stairs, causing her to suffer
multiple abrasions and bruising. The suspect, who was armed with a handgun, also refused to allow
the victim to leave the residence for a time. Eventually, she was able to flee the residence and take
refuge at a neighbor’s house.

After more than two hours of failed attempts to talk with the suspect, HCSO commanders made the
decision to call SWAT to the scene to negotiate. SWAT officers set up a perimeter around the
residence while negotiators made contact via phone with the suspect. During the course of the
negotiations, the suspect grew increasingly agitated. At one point, he exited the house naked,
brandishing his handgun. The suspect fired multiple rounds into the woodline around the
residence. When he spotted SWAT officers, he pointed his weapon directly at them. At that point,
just before 12 p.m., two officers fired their weapons and the suspect was killed.

“I always regret when these types of incidents happen, but our deputies did the difficult job they are
called to do when there is a deadly threat,” said Hall County Sheriff Gerald Couch. “I am thankful no
one in the neighborhood was injured, and I’m thankful that our deputies went home safe today.”
Per agency protocol, the two deputies who fired their weapons during the incident will be placed on
administrative leave.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will investigate the shooting.

The name of the deceased suspect will not be released at this time.”