Almost Sine Di time; Mayor arrested; National Park Service sued; another Dawg “gone”?

*Thursday is the final day of this year’s state legislative session. Major bills still pending include the Okefenokee Swamp protection bill; “cultural war” bills; and election-related legislation. Sine Di, the term given when the gavels fall ending another session, is not likely it late at night Thursday.

*The mayor of Willacoochee was arrested Friday night on DUI charges. Atkinson County Sheriff’s deputies say Dante Griffin bonded out of the Atkinson County Jail on Saturday.  

*The National Park Service is being sued for not accepting cash payments at parks and historic sites across the U.S. including in Georgia. Three people filed a lawsuit earlier this month, claiming the park service is breaking federal law by not accepting cash for entry to various monuments, parks and historic sites.

*The Bulldog most likely to start as a running back for UGA this Fall – most likely won’t, at least not in season opener. Athens-Clarke County Police arrested Trevor Etienne about 4:30 Sunday morning for DUI and three other offenses. Georgia has had a string of driving-related problems involving players in and around Athens.