A look at our warming temps since 1980

The story we reported over the weekend on the state’s Winter Climate Summary which showed this past winter in Gainesville and most other places in north Georgia was warmer than usual was just the tip of the iceberg, according to another report.

A new analysis of winter temperatures in the state and around the country since 1980 shows Georgia’s have increased between .61 and 1.09 degrees per decade. Whether this is caused by manmade or natural climate change is still up for debate in many circles.

The study was done by the Climate Lab section at The Washington Post which analyzed data from 1980-2024. It shows 86 percent of the country is getting warmer while the rest is getting colder.

Among Georgia cities, Augusta is tops – 1.02 degrees warmer, followed by several metro Atlanta cities and other major metropolitan areas such as Albany and Savannah. Macon was the lone exception – recording a .66-degree increase. Gainesville checks in at .74 degrees warmer.

The report notes New England winters are warming the fastest, most likely because of the warming Atlantic Ocean and a lack of snow and ice.

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