Cracking down on ‘improper’ parkng


“Several years of improper parking and access concerns at Diamond Memorial Fields
on the Habersham County Fairgrounds have prompted county officials to make a
change for this baseball and softball season.
New signs and cables have been installed along the single-lane entrance and exit
roads, preventing people from parking partially on the shoulder or grass island.
“The safety of our community is our top priority,” said Habersham County Parks and
Recreation Director Brooke Whitmire. “Implementing parking enforcement along the
drive to Diamond Memorial Park ensures clear access for emergency vehicles in
case of an urgent situation.”
Those parked in the handicapped spaces at Diamond Memorial Fields must have a
valid handicapped placard or license plate displayed at all times. Those who do not
have handicapped credentials are not allowed to utilize parking on the lower level.
“We kindly remind visitors that parking is reserved for individuals with disabilities
only at the designated spots at the end of the looped drive,” Whitmire said. “All
other vehicles are allowed to load and unload only and must immediately leave the
area. Additionally, parking is strictly prohibited between the ballfields to maintain a
safe and enjoyable environment for all park users.”
Whitmire and Sheriff Joey Terrell have asked people in prior seasons to adhere to
parking restrictions, but many drivers have ignored those warnings and continued
to block access for emergency vehicles and those with handicapped permits.
 “By implementing parking enforcement and reminding visitors of designated
parking areas, we aim to create a safer and more accessible Diamond Memorial
Park for everyone,” Whitmire said. “We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the
park safe and enjoyable for all.”

(Photo: Example of improper parking. Photo courtesy Habersham County PIO Rob Moore)