2nd student charged in ‘gun on campus’ incident

During a follow-up investigation into the 14-year-old student who brought a firearm to Little Mill Middle School on Tuesday, sheriff’s deputies on Wednesday identified another student who was aware that the offender possessed the firearm at school, talked with him about the firearm, and even recorded video of the student and the firearm.


“They later posted that video to social media accounts causing additional concerns at the school and from parents.  This video was taken during the school day and not reported to school officials or SROs on campus nor was it posted as a warning for students and parents. 

The additional juvenile student has been charged with Terroristic Threats, a misdemeanor, and has been removed from the school.  This juvenile did not have any part the offender originally bringing the firearm to the school.  Our Forsyth County School partners were exceptional in their assistance as we investigated this incident, and we appreciate their immediate actions and cooperation. 

The investigation remains ongoing and at present, no additional charges are expected.  The Sheriff’s Office initial investigation indicates that the firearm brought to the school had been properly secured in the home by the juvenile’s parents and the juvenile had secretly accessed the locked storage container without parental awareness.”